Laboratory Applications

Whether you work in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries, or in higher education and in academic and government research, our laboratory software solutions will help you create, analyse and communicate chemical, biological and scientific information more effectively.


ChemDraw Prime

ChemDraw® Prime is your everyday work horse solution for saving time drawing and publishing your experiments. From a simple drawing tool to a chemically intelligent application, ChemDraw® has evolved into the software chemists and research scientists rely on. ChemDraw® has been developed from a simple drawing tool to a chemically intelligent application, a software that chemists and researchers trust. 

ChemDraw Professional

Chemistry you can be proud of! ChemDraw® Professional easily makes your chemistry stand out with atom, bond, and ring coloring options, and with the new 3D clean-up and 3D display improvements. Creating complex schemes has never been so easy.


ChemOffice is a Desktop suite of the most advanced capabilities of the ChemDraw products. ChemOffice offers the best of all of the ChemDraw capabilities rolled into one. Learn more about all of the powerful drawing capabilities or test it out for yourself.

Spectroscopy Software

The GRAMS Spectroscopy Software Suite is the premier solution for visualising, processing and managing spectroscopy data offering broad compatibility with many different instrument data types and a simple user interface. Thousands of life and analytical science researchers rely on GRAMS powerful collection of processing routines to solve some of their most difficult data analysis problems.