Maths and Simulation

Our mathematics and simulation product range includes software for performing and managing mathematical calculations and for mathematical modelling of systems in design, mechanical, civil/structural and electrical/electronics engineering, scientific research and other technical areas, as well as for teaching applied maths.

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Services and Consulting


Why not exploit Adept's extensive knowledge and experience of using our maths and modelling tools to streamline implementation and bring projects in on time and on budget? Our application engineers can help with software customisation, multidomain system level modelling, financial engineering, software integration, modelica consulting and mathematical modelling of physical phenomena. Find out more.

Education & STEM

icon-edu Understanding mathematics is an essential part of STEM student success in this increasingly technological world. You can accelerate maths learning, as well as develop greater insight and understanding, using our proven maths and modelling tools to enrich your classroom, clarify concepts and engage your students. Contact your local office to ask about incorporating our software into your curriculum.


icon-solution Whether you're a vehicle engineer looking to optimise your design tool chain for better products and faster turnaround times; a teacher trying to improve their engineering or maths students' grades; or a researcher trying to solve maths problems and implement applications, Adept Scientific can deliver a perfect-fit software solution to achieve all your desired outcomes.



Our training ensures you maximise your productivity, competence and confidence when using the maths and simulation software we supply. Whether you're a single software user looking to develop your skills or a team member trying to bring your department up to speed, we've got a training solution to suit your needs exactly. Find out more online or contact your local office.